Middle East Precision Equipment IND caters to the fast manufacturing and delivery of prototypes and products of CNC machined spare parts. With years of experience in CNC machining services, our success is enthusiastic and skilled teamwork. Our team has highly qualified and professional Engineers, machinists, workmen, and technicians, who understand clients’ requirements and offer prompt delivery.cnc machining sevices in the UAE

We have an in-house CNC machining facility for the precision machining process which enables us to handle a variety of products in the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Engineering, and Manufacturing industries. Having this capacity we are executing repeated mass quantity jobs in a very short time with the required quality.

The oil and gas industry CNC machining services constantly mandate equipment or components that can withstand harsh industrial circumstances. We provide a full range of precision CNC machining services for the oil and gas industries.

Our CNC machined parts are not only precisely engineered, but they are also made of materials that allow them to survive harsh environments. Precision machining capabilities and extensive industry knowledge have enabled us to consistently enhance applications.

Why choose us?

The Middle East is a highly equipped and ISO-registered company catering to CNC machining services. We have created a large client base in the UAE with our sheer focus on workmanship, top-notch quality, excellent service, and prompt delivery. Our main goals are, to form strategic partnerships and alliances with individuals, SMEs, and Blue Chip clients for the benefit of both our clients and ourselves.

We are in an exceptional position to assist clients through each stage of the product development, manufacture, and verification processes. The company is dedicated to the successful completion of every project, no matter how little, on schedule, under budget, and “right the first time.” You may be confident that Middle East Inc. is the best option for all of your precise engineering needs as a trusted partner.

Quick and reliable CNC machining services in UAEBenefits of our CNC machining services

  • Quick Turn-around time – We use the latest and modern machines and technology to provide fast delivery. Our high-end machines manufacture spare parts in a quick turn-around time with exceptional quality.
  • Materials – We manufacture machined parts in over 100 plastic and metal materials. Our manufacturing process is tailored to the material requirements of our clients. We are delighted to provide custom any quantity of products and prototypes in the shortest time limit.
  • Wide range of industries – We cater to different industries such as aerospace, defence, medical, robotics, and automotive industries, etc., With our wealth of experience and qualified team we are capable of meeting a plethora of requirements. 
  • Perfect Finish – Our customers are highly satisfied with the high-quality finishing we deliver in each product. CNC machined spare parts finishing processes include anodising, polishing and plating, powder coating, and more.
  • High Precision – We manufacture precise CNC machined parts and correct accuracy for each product. We are highly recommended owing to the precision manufacturing using high-quality machines and materials. 
  • High quality – We’re dedicated to offering the finest quality control in the industry. From the initial quote to the final inspection, we have highly qualified engineers to triple-check all of your files and parts, guaranteeing that each client is satisfied with every outcome.