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cnc machined spare parts in UAE

CNC machining tips for beginners

UAE is a global industrial hub and different types of industries are functioning in different parts of UAE. Manufacturing spare parts from CNC machines is one of the top-notch industries in the UAE. Since many small-scale to large-scale industries depend on them. Hence, each job opportunities increase and the demand for employees. But working after getting employed is not easy, especially for beginners.


If you are new to CNC machining, then you have to invest a fruitful time and effort to be an expert in the machining process. The journey of learning includes trial and error especially because technology is evolving.

In this blog, we are discussing a few tips for beginners that benefits them to fuel up their skills and become a perfectionist. These tips will help you reduce machining time, common failures, frustration, and even injuries.

CNC machining – effective tips for beginners

  • Begin with soft materials – Begin machining on cheap and soft metals which be machined using the basic cutters. Avoiding hard metals like stainless steel and aluminium helps minimise the risk of tooling failures. Face milling can be used to cut or separate a workpiece into several sections or smaller workpieces. There is specialized equipment for this, but rapid manufacturing, for instance, gives machinists a chance to express some creativity.
  • Use high-quality tools – Avoid cheap cutters that quickly wear out and break to minimise expense and stress. High-quality tooling is designed to withstand the forces of high-speed machining, resulting in higher product quality and consistency. Carbide tooling is a better option because it is 3X more rigid and durable. Balanced CNC tools are worth considering for parts that require an extra superior finish. This type of CNC tool is intended to reduce vibration and chatter marks, resulting in cleaner cuts and smoother finishes on your parts.
  • Use protective gear – Protective gear keeps you safe in the event of a cutter failure. Metal chips shooting from all sides won’t make your day any better. Consider purchasing a pair or two of protective gloves and using them regularly. The same is true for safety glasses. Also, never make any changes to your CNC unit while it is still running a set of commands.
  • Warm up your spindle before machining – Warming up a spindle to spread grease and prevent premature bearing wear is a standard procedure in CNC machines working. However, it is also critical to ensure that the internal machine components reach a constant operating temperature before you begin milling. You can reduce the effects of thermal expansion during milling by combining spindle warmup with machine movement in all axes. So, a 10-20 minute spindle and machine warmup can help you maintain tight tolerances and consistently deliver high-quality parts.
  • Learn CAD and CAM software – The intended components must be precisely modeled for advanced machining. You can do so with computer-aided design (CAD) software. It’s not rocket science, and you can model any part in a 3D environment using popular free software. You should also learn to use computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software. It is advantageous to generate G-code files that control your CNC equipment unit. It is difficult to begin machining automatically without the use of CAD and CAM software.

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