Company Profile


Entrepreneurship journey of Mr.Jasim Mohamed Yousif Mohamed Al Ali, began 30 years back with his first and successful venture Al Rally Al Sahrawi high performance centre. In 2022, he expanded his business by starting Middle East precision equipment Ind. With this new venture, the company manufactures CNC machined spare parts. Middle East Precision Equipment IND are manufacturers, traders, distributors and wholesalers of high-quality CNC machined spare parts for automation machines, in the UAE.

Our Mission

We specialise in providing our clients with a tailored service at an affordable price. Our employees are our key to success and ensure complete safety at the workplace. All equipment is regularly checked and fully tested for electrical safety. Our clients benefit from a bespoke service that is tailored to each customer’s needs. Our enthusiastic and dedicated team can manufacture custom quantities of precision CNC machined spare parts for automation machines within the specified time. We thrive for the high-quality production of Engineering equipment and tools and manufacture of precise automotive and automation machined spare parts.

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